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Why Hire a Landscape Professional?

Whether your landscape needs are a lawn or full outdoor living and total remodel, you could benefit from professional help.  Visit our Member Directory

Skill & Expertise – Many people have trouble with three dimensional thinking which is really required to successfully plan and execute a landscape. You need to think about expected growth over time, both horizontally and vertically. You’ll also need expertise with what lawns, plants and flowers will grow and thrive in your area. Landscape professionals can also offer suggestions that can take your space from good to wow!
Access to Special Tools & Equipment – Perhaps you want to add a patio, deck or outdoor kitchen or living space. You may have a boulder in the way, or need to level out an area to make it perfectly flat, or need footings for that new deck. All of these would require use of special equipment and the skills to use them safely and correctly.
Know & Understand Local Land Regulations – Every town has different land regulations and many properties on Cape Cod involve wetlands with very strict rules on what is used in these areas. You can count on a Cape Cod Landscape Association member to be well versed and educated on these topics and able to maneuver the labyrinth of regulations and permitting required to reach a happy outcome for all sides.
Brings in a Higher Return on Investment – Landscape designers and professionals can suggest possible elements to add to the landscape that you might not have considered and will bring even more value to your home. This can really pay dividends down the road should you choose to sell your home.

CCLA is here to help! The decision to hire a CCLA member is one of the smartest investments you’ll make toward enhancing your residential or commercial landscape. CCLA member firms take pride in their work and uphold the highest standards in horticulture, agriculture and landscape business and environmental practices. Members are licensed, certified, insured and continue to advance their knowledge as technology, research and practices develop. 

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