Pesticide Exam Dates to Be Opened

July 09, 2020 3:08 PM | Anonymous

The Department is pleased to announce that it will begin opening dates to hold exams for new exam applicants.  Individuals should be able to begin signing up for new exams beginning tomorrow.  The exams will be held at the Colonial Inn in Gardener under a covered tent. Safety precautions will be sent to the examinees ahead of time so that they can be prepared when coming to the exam site. Please be aware that space is still limited, but the Department is continuing to work on an online exam process.  Additionally, we will be adding some additional dates for the beginning of August.  I understand how frustrating this whole process has been and I appreciate everyone’s patience during this time.  Safety of examinees and Department employees has been our priority when organizing this.  I will continue to provide you with updates when we have them.  Please feel free to share this with others.  Thank you

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