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    Designing with Nature on Cape Cod and the Islands

    Jack Ahern, Professor of Landscape Architecture, UMass Amherst 

    This talk will explain how to preserve the special environmental and visual character of the Cape and Islands through an “ecologically-based” approach to landscape design. This approach starts with an understanding the Cape and Islands’ native plants and plant communities, which are well-adapted to local soils and growing conditions.  Ahern will discuss how these plant communities can be designed for landscapes where people live, learn, work, and play.  His approach will be illustrated with examples of landscapes on the Cape and Islands that have applied this approach.  The talk is a preview of Ahern’s upcoming book “Designing with Nature on Cape Cod and the Islands”. 

    Below is a link to Cape Cod Beer's website where people can register for this free presentation:

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    InsectXaminer Episode 2 is Now Available!  

    A free short video series highlighting the incredible world of insects! 

    The InsectXaminer short video series hopes to increase the visibility of the beautiful world of insects, even those we consider to be pests in our managed landscapes. InsectXaminer will showcase the complexity of insect life cycles, cataloging as many life stages for each species as possible. The goal of this series is to provide professionals and land managers with footage that is helpful for learning the identification of insects throughout the season, rather than at any single point in their life cycle. Proper identification is key to successful management. If possible and caught on camera, important aspects of their biology and natural enemies will be revealed.

    Join UMass Extension as we observe these incredible organisms and look into a world that, while it happens all around us, sometimes goes unseen! 

    Now is the time to scout for lily leaf beetle adults! As soon as host plants break through the ground (Lilium spp. and Fritillaria spp.) and leaves are available, overwintered and bright red adult lily leaf beetles will begin to feed on foliage. Check out Episode 2 of InsectXaminer to learn more about the life cycle of this beautiful, but destructive pest of true lilies! 

    Episode 2 - Lily Leaf Beetle (Lilioceris lilii

    Lily leaf beetle was first reported in the United States in 1992 in Cambridge, MA. This invasive insect from Europe and Asia is a pest of true lilies (Lilium spp.) and fritillarias (Fritillaria spp.). Daylillies (Hemerocallis spp.) are not hosts for lily leaf beetle. While this insect can be found on other plants (Solomon's seal, hostas, and others), it is not known to reproduce and complete its life cycle on these species and causes little damage. On true lilies, however, it can be a significant pest and cause extensive damage to many susceptible species and hybrids. Eggs, larvae, and adults are showcased here. Pupation occurs in the soil. An interesting defense strategy of the larvae is shown.


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    Hort Notes for April 2020, UMass Extension

    Articles include a comparison of non-glyphosate herbicides, and COVID guidelines for Mass.

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    The Department has made the difficult decision to cancel the exams for the next 30 days.  Please find the bulletin which provides more details at the link below and please feel free to share with others. Thank you.

    Taryn LaScola-Miner
    Crop and Pest Services Division
    Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
    251 Causeway Street
    Boston, MA 02114
    (617) 626-1776

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    The Department has made some changes to the 2020 pesticide credit audit season given the COVID-19 outbreak. Specifically, the Department has extended the time that applicators may obtain their credits and have waived the online credit policy for 2020. Please note that while most of the individuals whose three year cycles end in 2020 will end on July 1, 2020, there are a few individuals that end later in 2020. These adjustments will apply to all individuals whose cycle ends in 2020.

    Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

    251 Causeway Street

    Boston, MA 02114


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    On March 24, 2020 an order issued by the Governor restricting the continued operation of all non-essential businesses in the state became effective.   The order will remain in effect until April 7, 2020.

    The provision that includes landscape services is

    Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, inspectors and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, construction sites and projects, and needed facilities

    In addition, NALP’s position can be read here which identifies the role the landscape industry is playing to protect other essential critical workers while also protecting public health and safety.

    Guidance Document:

    The Order:

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    Dear GIA members, 

    We know many of you are fielding calls, emails and texts with questions about the impact of today’s Order from Governor Baker.  We also know there are a lot of “experts” out there who have their own opinion on the various policies, exemptions and designations that have been made at the federal and state levels.  We have read and analyzed the latest information directly from the language of the Order itself and from the federal (DHS) guidelines.  Below please find our interpretation. 

    • As Bob Mann noted, on March 19th, the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued guidance to assist states that identifies 14 critical infrastructure sectors whose workers provide services and functions that are essential to support a strong response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is the underlying document in terms of determining whether or not your service is essential.
    • Governor Baker’s Emergency order requires all businesses and organizations that do not provide “COVID-19 Essential Services” to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers and the public as of Tuesday, March 24th at noon until Tuesday, April 7th at noon. These businesses are encouraged to continue operations remotely.  Businesses that are designated as essential are urged to follow social distancing protocols for workers in accordance with guidance from the Department of Public Health.
    • Businesses and organizations not on the list of essential services are encouraged to continue operations through remote means that do not require workers, customers, or the public to enter or appear at the brick-and-mortar premises closed by the order.
    • Based on these parameters, most GIA businesses either meet the federal list or can continue to operate if doing so “through remote means that do not require workers, customers, or the public to enter or appear at the brick-and-mortar premises closed by the order”.

    In addition, the Order also includes a new limitation on gatherings of more than 10 people, covering any activity that brings together more than 10 people in any confined indoor or outdoor space.  The Order does not prohibit gatherings, athletic and recreational activities in unenclosed, outdoor spaces as long as participants are not brought into close, physical contact.  This means, in our opinion, that golf courses can continue to operate if adhering to this new limitation.

    We are awaiting additional feedback from DAR but wanted to get this out – I know some trades are asking members to respond to the EOHED site to request this designation but we don’t want dozens or hundreds of similar companies all reaching out on their own.  We need to read between the lines here and just because it may not specifically spell out landscaping services, we see enough wiggle room under the Public Works category.

    Stephen A. Boksanski, Principal

    BCB Government Relations, Inc.

    44 School Street, Suite 710

    Boston, MA 02108

    617-423-6600 | 617-835-6394 (m)

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