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    The Department recognizes challenges that COVID-19 has posed relative to attending trainings and receiving Continuing Education Units (“CEU”).  In response to these challenges many training providers have moved to offering trainings through a computer based/online/virtual platform.  Therefore, the Department has adjusted its policy on how these trainings are provided.  Additionally, the Department recognizes that it will be difficult for an applicator to meet the Department’s policy of allowing only half of ones CEUs to be obtained by this type of training.

    The Department has defined trainings as listed below:

    • ·        On Demand Trainings:  Trainings that the applicator can take at any time but does not have any live interaction.
    • ·        Live Stream Trainings:  Live one- time training with live interaction. (virtual meetings, virtual company trainings)
    • ·        Virtual Classroom Trainings:  Multiple individuals in the same room at the same time watching a Live Stream/On Demand Training.
    • ·        Traditional Classroom Training:  Training that is provided in person.

    Going forward and until otherwise notified, an individual may obtain all their CEUs in an online/computer based/virtual format however, no more than half an individuals’ credits for any one license/category can be obtained through an On-Demand Training. The CEUs issued will indicate the type of training it falls under so that the applicator may keep track of the type of trainings they are taking. The Department feels this will allow flexibility to obtain CEUs while also ensuring the participation/attendance of the applicator.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:

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    Hort Notes: Clippings from the Garden 
    December/January 2020-21, Vol. 31:10

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    UMass Extension’s Invasive Insect Webinar Series is BACK in 2021. Jan 26-Feb 9 10am ET

    Topics to include invasive forest pests in MA, spotted lanternfly, the biological control of winter moth, Asian longhorned beetle updates, planned detection surveys in Massachusetts and New England, integrated pest management of spotted-wing drosophila and brown marmorated stink bug and more! There will also be an update about non-native earthworms, close relatives of the insects, which have attracted a lot of attention in recent years

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    On September 25, 2020, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) announced finding two dead specimens of the invasive spotted lanternfly(SLF) in the towns of Milford and Norwood, MA. MDAR notes they were brought in on materials that originated in Pennsylvania counties currently under a spotted lanternfly quarantine. MDAR was also recently notified that nursery stock with spotted lanternfly egg masses and adults may have been unintentionally imported and planted in several parts of Massachusetts.

    Because no live lanternflies have yet been found in Massachusetts, there is currently no evidence that SLF has become established in the Commonwealth. As a precaution, surveys are planned in the areas where the insects were found to confirm that no live populations are present. While a dead lanternfly was previously found in the Boston area in December of 2018, repeated surveys have found no further signs of SLF in that part of the state. For more information, visit MDAR's press release:

    For more information about the spotted lanternfly, please visit:

    If you have seen any of the life stages of this insect (pictured here) in Massachusetts, please report it:

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    UMass Extension Pesticide Education is offering nine continuing education workshops for pesticide contact hours.

    These workshops will be held from October 13 through November 17 using Zoom video conference. In case you are not familiar with Zoom, we will offer a short tutorial before the workshop series.

    Registration, workshop descriptions and dates are listed in the link below.

    Please contact Natalia Clifton at or call 413-545-1044 if you have any questions.

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